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Maxxing addresses all these challenges with a unique solution.

New technologies enable you to change your customer relationship. You can put an end to pricewars by exploring new ways to build loyalty.

Brick and mortar remains the consumer's favourite channel. The retailer has to adopt new technologies to meet growing customer expectations, establish a personalised relationship, and restore trust at each point of sale.

All channels must be combined into the same consistent system to leverage new technologies and track, understand and drive the consumer's journey.

How to drive the


before, while, after making a purchase regardless of the sales channel

The 4D consumer, it's you, it's me, it's today!

New technologies have changed the way we shop - at the store, online, on mobile phones, at the drive-through or click & collect, I follow my favourite brand on social networks… I am unique and therefore I want a personalised relationship and I want to be recognized anytime, anywhere!

"I don't want to be locked into just one channel, I want to buy from a BRAND!"

The Maxxing Customer Loyalty solution stays in touch with the customer through all touch points and at every stage of the relationsip with the brand. Because it is connected to all channels - store and drive-through (at the till, kiosk, self-POS), e-commerce website and mobile applications - the Maxxing solution delivers a comprehensive and unified view of campaigns and of the consumer all along the shopping journey and through all interactions with the brand, until the purchase is made.

Accessible and easy to integrate for a successful


Suitable for all types of retailers in any industry


Just like the largest retailers, you too can adopt a fully-featured, innovative solution with a very low impact on your existing IT infrastructure.

The Maxxing solution enables you to leverage consumer information (e.g. purchasing habits, behaviour and expectations) to:

- Collect, grow and transform the data into customer insight i.e. into intelligent information

- Refine customer target groups and personalise the relationship with your consumers through adapted messages and offers

- Optimise the impact of promotional campaigns

- Increase footfall at the point of sale, and generate more traffic on the e-commerce website and mobile application

- Simplify the work of marketers through user-friendly high-performance tools offering a single consolidated view of all actions and of the consumer.

"The only solution which puts the customer at the heart of the retailer's strategy"

Its modular architecture makes the Maxxing solution easy to adapt to any retailer's context and will suit any type of commerce or industry.  The Maxxing offering covers the whole operational scope and all business needs to simplify and implement the loyalty programme such as the promotional mechanics designed by your Marketing and Sales departments.

Change your Customer Relationship
Adopt the 4D Consumer

12 minutes to understand how to leverage new technologies to manage and drive the customer journey.

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Why a 4D Connected Consumer Space?

The 4D Connected Customer Space is dedicated to retailers so they can see what the customer relationship of tomorrow is like. The 4D Connected Customer Space is a fully equipped Maxxing showroom. Learn how to implement a revolutionary customer experience combining the best of new technologies such as geofencing, sales enablement apps, full interactivity through mobile applications and online communities and social networks.

The 4D Connected Customer Space is a showcase of all the tools and actions that will help you stand out from the competition, increase market share, and put an end to price wars! The visitor will be in the shoes of the 4D Consumer as he or she shops through different channels and interacts with each dimension -- store, mobile app, e-commerce website, and social networks. The live demo that was created features a full customer journey which will help you understand how you can influence the consumer while keeping promotional pressure to an acceptable level, build loyalty, and restore trust in the brand.

The area is divided into 3 distinct shopping environments used by the consumer: the high street, the supermarket, and the home.

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integrate the 4D consumer

Maxxing is a one-of-a-kind solution covering all functional needs with a series of integrated, interconnected modules letting the solution grow as the retailer or brand needs grow.

The 4D Customer Relationship features a unique customer repository connected to all touch points and sales channels letting you:

  • Save and analyse purchasing and behavioural data
  • Target and segment your customers to increase loyalty
  • Keep sales pressure to an acceptable level
  • Engage your customers on all channels

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Our solution lets you design a consistent, real-time loyalty strategy across all the dimensions used by the customer:

  • Store dimension
  • Social dimension
  • Mobile dimension
  • Web dimension

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4D Communication means the ability to deploy targeted or mass communications to the customer's favourite touch point:

  • SMS
  • Email, mail
  • E-coupons, m-coupons, coupons
  • Push

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Campaign management tools to drive and interact with the customer:

  • Design and define models to simplify configuration
  • Schedule and organise events into planned sequences
  • Measure and create reports tailored to your business
  • Track and improve Marketing campaign results

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Use new technologies to your advantage to influence the customer's behaviour before, during and after the purchase.

New technologies let you locate and stay in touch with the customer in real time.

By analysing location data, you can interact in all the areas that matter to you - next to the shopping centre, on the street, inside the store, at home, etc. - in a personalised way through messages, rewards and offers in line with the customer's journey.

Location information is fed into the Maxxing solution using all technologies available as of today - iBeacons, Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, etc.


Restore trust and get closer to your customers.

Sell more through the right incentives.



Independent Software Vendor (ISV) specialised in customer relationship management and real-time 4D Consumer interactions compatible with all touch points and channels - stores, e-commerce websites, social networks, and mobile.

Real-time interaction engine

Drive the customer relationship

 Deploy personalised and/or mass offers with support for redemption

Compatible with all sales channels i.e. POS, kiosk, e-commerce website, mobile application, etc.

Campaign management

 Plan marketing and promotional campaigns

Operational reporting - track and compare offer consistency

 ROI - measure performance and campaign results on all channels

Customer insight and targeting

Understand and analyse cross-channel behaviour

Targeting and segmentation - design and manage omni-channel loyalty programmes

Unified view of the consumer across all channels - 360° vision and customer insights through a single customer database

Customer and in-store sales staff mobility

The consumer app lets the customer manage his/her loyalty and purchases

Sales enablement app for in-store shop assistants

 Connected to the interaction engine in real-time to interact via the most suited channel

Customer References


Beyond the customer experience. Become a Partner.

Maxxing is seeking to work with Partners in the following 4 dimensions:

  • Consulting - to help our Clients make their dreams come true
  • Sales - to intensify our presence in different markets
  • Integration - to implement IT and business projects
  • Maintenance - to ensure operational requirements and business challenges are met

Are you knowledgeable in one of these dimensions and do you have what it takes? Let us know ASAP!

Be ambitious - Do like Wincor-Nixdorf who have integrated the Maxxing offering as "white label" into their TP.net software suite


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